The Healing Order

In order to develop healing power one must regulate and control the senses by regulating their activity and repose; and this, done with a spiritual thought, converts power of mind into divine power. A person can heal with power of mind alone, but the results will be limited; but a person with divine power can obtain through it unlimited results.

Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

The Inayatiyya Healing Order was established by Hazrat Inayat Khan circa 1925. Its purpose is to awaken humanity to the power of the Divine Spirit to heal. The Order offers spiritual healing for all those who request it, through meditation and prayer. Members of the Order participate in groups throughout the country to offer distant healing through the Healing Service.

For those who wish to participate in this work, there are workshops, courses and retreats exploring the Sufi teachings and practices which help to develop and deepen the skills and attunement for healing. Whether or not you are already involved in health and the healing professions, you are welcome to come to occasional events or be more involved. The Healing Order is an international network with circles in many parts of the world.

Email Farzana at for further details. To put your name or another person’s name on the healing list, please phone 01926 422388 (the person for whom healing is requested must give permission for their name to be put forward.)

Detailed information about the Inayatiyya Healing Order and upcoming events can be found at